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Our Services

ITS supports faculty in a number of ways. Find out about our support areas by visiting its.uncg.edu

We provide consultations on designing and developing quality face-to-face, hybrid, “flipped,” and online courses. We will leverage current educational technology to help instructors reach their teaching goals.

Our team works with instructors to create, re-design, or adapt courses that accomplish course goals as defined by the instructor. Our team is composed of professionals who not only specialize in creating efficient, effective, and engaging course experiences but are well-versed in pedagogical principles.

You may also contact your departmental Academic Technology Specialist (ATS) or submit an ITS Training Request to receive personalized training.

Technology & Training

ITS Learning Technology provide academic and pedagogical support and training for ITS-approved software at UNCG.

Software Support and Services:

See a full list of available software at UNCG HERE!

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Adaptive Learning

When we think about personalized learning, we might consider one-on-one tutoring as the ideal. The tutor is actively responding to the student’s performance, providing more practice and support where necessary and moving on quickly when the student is demonstrating mastery. Adaptive learning tools use technology to replicate this at scale. We can use them to design learning paths that meet students where they’re at.

A student whose answer to a question reveals their misconception is provided with content that corrects it immediately and is then provided with additional practice so that the correct thinking solidifies. A student who is demonstrating mastery is able to move swiftly through the module, rather than working through the same 20 problems as everyone else. Data analytics allow you to identify where students are struggling, allowing you to optimize the time you have with them.

We currently support:

Active Learning Classrooms

We have several Active Learning Classrooms or ALCs on campus. These classrooms come equipped with a variety of available tools, such as mobile furniture, digital displays, whiteboards, and projection. Teaching in one of the ALCs requires additional focus on the intersection between learning objectives, instructional activities, and assessments. You can learn more about teaching strategies by going to the following resource.

Panopto Resources

Panopto is a video platform that offers faculty the ability to capture their lectures at UNCG. ITS Classroom Technology is currently implementing learning spaces with the necessary hardware and software for the Fall semester.

The initial Panopto KB articles have been made available via the links below. More will follow as ITS has time to develop them.

Subscribe to the to the YouTube Playlist to find training videos as they are produced.

You can find additional training sessions on the Workshops & Training Calendar.

Canvas Training

Canvas is an asynchronous learning management system used by faculty teaching online or blended courses at UNCG.  ITS staff members provide administration, training, and support services for Canvas and would. ITS Learning Technology offers pedagogical training for using the Canvas LMS in the classroom.

*(You will need a Canvas Sandbox course. Please email Audrey Bryk-Lee to request this course).

Need Canvas Help?

ITS Learning Technology offers one-on-one and group consultations ranging from a quick tutorial to in-depth instruction for Canvas. We also provide drop-in sessions.

Visit the TIO Calendar found HERE for detailed information or submit a request HERE for consultation.