Learning Technology

ITS-Supported Technology at UNCG

Our Learning Technology Consultants (ITCs) offer one-on-one and group consultations ranging from quick tutorials to in-depth instruction on ITS-supported software at UNCG. We also offer drop-in sessions, so visit the UTLC Calendar for detailed information.

You can request a consultation with our ITCs today by visiting Service Now and clicking on the “Get It” tab. We’re always happy to help!

Audrey Bryk-Lee

Audrey’s philosophy is based on intentionally using technology to support teaching and learning  — without creating a distraction from it. She’s passionate about evidence-based practice, accessibility, equity, and creating connections in online environments. She started working in digital learning in 2000 and has experience as an Instructional Designer at Winston-Salem State University and Guilford Technical Community College. Audrey holds an MS in Instructional Technology and a graduate certificate in Distance Learning and Administration from East Carolina University. She did her undergrad in Communications at Ramapo College of New Jersey. She is currently a proud Spartan, working on her Masters of Library and Information Science here at UNC Greensboro. 


Ideation | Intellection | Individualization | Learner | Input

Evan Kelly

Evan believes that the pursuit of knowledge is an intrinsic good and is interested in how technology can improve the learning experiences of students and create more effective educational outcomes. He has worked to assist individual students, teachers, and clients with consumer and educational technology as well as large corporations with enterprise software solutions. His work continues to focus on assisting with software and hardware tools so that everyone can accomplish their goals and attain the skills to use them effectively. Evan holds bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science and is currently furthering his education in Instructional Technology. In his free time, he enjoys running, reading, tinkering with technology, and playing tabletop games with friends.


Restorative | Input | Learner | Intellection | Relator